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Clayton is the code review robot that monitors your Salesforce development 24/7, helping your team to write better code, faster.

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46,534,245 lines reviewed, and counting.

An experienced developer would need around 517,047 hours to review the same amount of code that Clayton processed in seconds. Assuming a rate of $120 per hour, it's an overall saving of $62,045,640. Clayton saves you time and money, and lets developers focus on what really matters.

A gatekeeper against bad code.

Clayton is an expert in Salesforce best practices. It will spot hardcoded IDs, queries or DML statements in loops, non bulkified triggers and many other anti-patterns that could break an entire application.

Keep your code easy to maintain.

Keeping your code clean is not just about preventing errors. Clayton also takes care of complexity, style and naming conventions, so that your code will stay manageable as it grows.

Made for agile teams.

Clayton fits the agile development like no other tool. It helps you keep your code clean, easy to maintain and disseminates best practices in your team. If you rely on freelance or off-shore developers Clayton ensures quality isn’t compromised.

Up and running in seconds.

Clayton runs in the cloud, which means you don’t need to download, install or deploy any complicated tools. You are up and running with a few clicks.

"The automated code review revolution."

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