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Clayton is the code review robot that is here to change the way Salesforce apps are made.

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Code analysis, simplified.

Code analysis used to be complex, we made it simple. If you are developing Salesforce apps we can give you a powerful, fully automated way to keep your code quality under control. Clayton connects to your repository and analyses your code to ensure it complies with style, complexity, and performance best practices for Salesforce apps.

Automated code reviews.

We are big advocates of code reviews and we built Clayton around this powerful idea. Clayton reviews all your pull requests as soon as they are made. When it spots a problem, it leaves insightful comments for the developers on how to address each issue. Your team will get things done faster and better.

Made for agile teams.

Clayton is the perfect fit for the modern app development. It helps you keep your code clean, easy to maintain and disseminates best practices in your team. If you rely on freelance or off-shore developers Clayton ensures quality isn’t compromised.

Up and running in seconds, not days.

Clayton runs in the cloud, which means you don’t need to download, install or deploy any complicated tools. You are up and running with a few clicks.

The automated code review revolution.

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