An engine like no other.
Unhappy about other tools we went back to the drawing board, to design an engine that could overcome all those limitations. And we have built it from the ground up.

Non-local detections.

Most static code analyzers are limited to local findings in each source file. Our engine understands how your components interact with each other, giving you the most accurate results, and checks that the competition simply cannot perform.

Designed specifically for

Salesforce offers a rich variety of options to build apps, both with code and configuration. Our engine natively supports Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, JavaScript and point and click metadata.

We keep your code secure.

Finding security vulnerabilities can be tricky, and traditional code analysis cannot take you very far. Our engine understands how your app is architected, and uses special techniques to detect problems most tools won’t catch, and keep your application secure.

You won’t find it elsewhere.

Other code review platforms may build their engines using existing open source technology. Our engine is unique to us, and you won’t find it in any other platform or product.

We put your code quality on autopilot.
Clayton doesn't require any management, and runs code checks proactively, when your code changes.

Up and running in clicks.

With Clayton you are up and running in seconds. Not days, not hours, not minutes. We don't require any setup, you are up and running in seconds. We do all the hard work for you.

100% in the cloud.

Other tools might require infrastructure, setup and maintenance effort. With Clayton you get a fully managed, constantly looked after service, with free upgrades on every release, without ever leaving your browser.

Use it on any device.

We offer you a fully responsive app, with a mobile-first design, so you can manage your development team on the move, from any device.

Already integrated with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab.

Clayton integrates natively with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab to get your team up and running quickly, and give you a seamless development experience.

We change behavior.
Clayton is not just a tool for code analysis. We have built a layer on top of your code that takes the problem away.

We enforce coding standards.

Successful teams live by a simple principle: everyone should code according to standards. We automatically generate, maintain and distribute coding standards to all your team members, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Managed resolution lifecycle.

Code analysis is what we do to detect problems, but is only a part of what we do to help teams. Once problems are detected, we track their evolution overtime, and give your team actionable suggestions on how to resolve them quickly.

Real improvements, from small increments.

We have learnt that the best way to improve quality is to focus on small, manageable increments. Clayton gives your team incremental feedback throughout development, to drive tangible improvements without overwhelming developers.

Actionable insights for your team.

Metrics are pointless if there is nothing you can do with them. We monitor your team working patterns and the project evolution to give you powerful insights at your fingertips. All metrics are actionable, and are designed to encourage your team to improve over time.

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